BaySoft Release

software Our web-based control panel allows solicitors to register their details and complete a matrix of fee charge types in order to facilitate automated quotation returns to enquirers wishing to receive conveyancing quotes.

We have developed software to manage a panel of solicitors in order that we can respond to online quotation requests.

How does AgentQuote work?

The panel management system allows a solicitor to register details of their business and enter client testimonials to bolster their appeal to the public.

The solicitor maintains a matrix of fees and disbursements which are managed by reference to property price bandings.

The solicitor then becomes a member of our partner channel and they are then eligible to have their quotations displayed upon request.

If a solicitor's quotation should be favoured by an enquirer the enquirer can instruct the solicitor to proceed online.

We provide the solicitor with full case tracking and case management software tools.

Click here to visit our main AgentQuote website.

Are you a solicitor wanting to join our panel ?

If you are a solicitor or represent a solicitors practice and you are able and willing to take on conveyancing work gained through online instructions then it will be well worth you registering with our panel service.

Please follow this link to see if you are eligible to become a member of our panel.