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Mandarin is a browser-based software product helping you to manage your Vendor records, e-Tenders and KPI assessments.

These products are designed to deliver maximum efficiencies to your organisation.

Pre-Qualify Vendors Quickly And Easily • Pass Audits • Save Time • Save Money

The Mandarin 'Segments' will facilitate efficient recording and processing of your company data in the following areas:

Vendor Management

Vendor Register

Mandarin allows you to develop an efficient and comprehensive vendor management process helping you to record and maintain critical vendor data.

In addition to general contact information Mandarin, captures information on insurance cover, financial capability, accreditations, and safety, health and environmental data and expiries thereof.

Vendors will usually register their details through your website using an online registration form. This can also be done manually by entering the minimal amount of data into your system.

Once you have approving a Vendor web-registration the vendor is added into your database and a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) is sent out to them via an email link.

It is important to keep your Vendor register up to date therefore Mandarin routinely checks that compliance is maintained by checking that your Vendor insurance cover is current, certifications and accreditations are in date and that the PQQ's are updated at a period determined by you.

Tenders & Contracts

Tenders & Contracts

Mandarin maintains a register of Companies, Offices and Contacts, which can be attached to your Tender & Contract Notices.

The register of Tenders & Contracts can be configured by us to contain as little or as much detail as you like.

Contacts can be attached as "Client", "Architect" or other such associated party. Information from your Tender & Contracts register can be mail-merged into your enquiry email letters.

Sending Enquiries

Sending Enquiries

To send enquiries, select your desired Work Package, and set your return deadline and other details. Mandarin offers filters for whittling your Vendors down to the best choices.

Filter by Region, Trade, KPI Score and Approval Status.

Enquiries are sent as mail-merged email letters, containing a link to respond via a special Internet page, which offers the documents pertinent to that Work Package for download.

KPI Assessments

KPI Assessments

Mandarin allows you to create your own KPI templates and apply them to the Contract work types against the Vendors that were awarded the work.

Again these KPI variables are scored to evaluate Pass or Fail scores.

Training Records

KPI Assessments

Mandarin contains a powerful and highly configurable training module. The module will help your store and manage your training and occupational health records.

You may create as many certifications as your like, and for each employee, capture any data you like against each certification. You may even capture sub-data.

The module supports the concept of “roles”. When a role is assigned to an employee the module will list missing certifications for that employee to fulfil the role.

The module supports a training diary so that you can book courses and employees to them. Key staff members can be notified that employee has been booked onto a course.

Powerful reporting tool will let you data-mine your training records to find employees with certain skills or employees that could be booked onto courses.

Sensitive data is only accessible to staff with the “human resources” permission.

Mandarin stores PDF copies of certificates as evidence for each employee. These can be bulk-downloaded as a ZIP file.

General Overview

Let's face it... Trying to do this stuff without a computer to assist you is hard and tedious work. Let Mandarin help you along by cutting out those processes that are generally very labour intensive.

Starting with the ability to let your Vendor do the hard work by self-registering their interest on your website - all you have to do next is decide if you want to approve them to be able to receive a PQQ form or reject their application.

Once you have added the Vendor summary application data into your system you can send them a PQQ form.

The PQQ can be very detailed and flexible if you wish it to be. It is something we set up for you using your own PQQ templates as standard if required.

Behind the scenes within the PQQ setup there is a scoring mechanism where you can score the responses to the questions asked on the PQQ allowing the computer to evaluate whether a subsequently submitted PQQ will pass or fail your scoring.

Once you 'Pass' a Vendor they will be eligible to receive 'enquiries' when Tender Enquiries are processed through the system.

Pertinent important date fields are also stored such as when certain Certifications and Insurances will need renewing. The system also fires off routine queries to ensure that these important items are renewed otherwise the Vendor will be automatically exempted from any Enquiries you circulate.

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