Our Services

In addition to our product range, and providing bespoke software development services we also provide our clients with ancillary services such as web-site design and hosting, e-mail support and systems consultancy.

All our systems are supported by us and we can demonstrate an excellent working relationship with all of our clients in respect of this.

Internet Services

Internet Services We offer a range of Internet services, including domain registration, email, basic web hosting and advanced Microsoft ASP.NET hosting. Some of our clients simply use our expertise to assist them in running and maintaining their current installations.

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Systems Analysis & Design

Systems Analysis & Design Our system designers have solid business backgrounds, rooted in accountancy, as well as in-depth technical understanding. This means that we develop a deep understanding of your business before designing a system that is tailored to exactly suit the needs and demands of your business.

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Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development We are experts are designing and implementing high quality, high functionality custom websites for a diverse range of clients. We can help you realise your ideas, as well as guiding you in the areas of user-friendliness and search engine friendliness, both of which are critical in today’s competitive www.2 environment.

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Consultancy Before committing to technology investment it is important not to neglect the consultancy stage of the process. BaySoft can bring their expertise and advice to your technology planning meetings, informing you on new technology developments, hardware, database and operating systems as well as security and resilience issues.

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BaySoft has a wealth of experience developing commercial applications and our clients include and have included Alcoa, RE/MAX and the Dawnus Construction Group.

We have worked with a broad range of technologies and methodologies, including PDA application development, SMS, Internet systems and Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

We differ from many companies claiming to be able to provide web-based software solutions. Our roots are in programming and systems design, and not graphic design. Many companies with a graphic design background may have dabbled in systems development but their lack of experience and maturity in systems design and development has a detrimental effect on the end product. We have re-written such systems for some clients who were tempted by fancy graphics and very low initial prices, but who ultimately ended up with a product that didn't work.

We understand the way that systems should be designed in terms of correct database architecture and form and menu layouts. Couple this with efficient coding and you have the basic elements to result in the delivery of an efficient well written, fast, well-designed, professional looking system.

The Present

We are proud of our heritage as Foxpro and Delphi developers, and are now enjoying the virtues and benefits delivered by writing and deploying Microsoft ASP.NET web-based systems. In particular, the support and installation aspects are so much improved through the Internet platform that we have even more time to do what we are best at, and most passionate about - Writing top quality software solutions.

We shall be pleased to receive your enquiry in respect of any solutions and services you may wish to discuss with us.