The BaySoft Product Portfolio

From our rich heritage in bespoke software development, we have a number of mature products, with proven track-records in their respective industries.

Our software design and development expertise has helped to bring efficiency and cost savings to our clients, which you could also benefit from.

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Software For Estate Agents

The BaySoft software package for Residential Sales agents is a powerful, fully featured package which runs on the robust Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET technology platform.

There's no installation, and you don't buy it, but simply rent if from us on a month to month basis. It contains all of the features you would expect to find in good quality software designed for the UK housing market.

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Accounting Software For Letting Estate Agents

The letting agency accounts package is fully integrated with our estate agency software package. The former is a full sales ledger for your agency, whilst the latter will facilitate the marketing of your properties.

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Conveyancing Comparison & Lead Generation

If you're involved in the UK Housing Market, then conveyancing referrals are a great way to earn a little extra cash. If you have a website which attracts UK house sellers or buyers, or you deal directly with these clients, then we can help you to earn revenue.

Likewise - if you are a solicitor, who is interested in high quality conveyancing leads / instructions then this service can help to grow your business.

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Software For The Construction Industry

BaySoft have developed several systems for the construction industry. As one may expect, these are not available off-the-shelf, as each company has specific requirements.

Out most comprehensive package contains modules for Procurement (to include database questionnaires), Tendering, Marketing, Training Records, a Business System Library and Client Portal logins.

This immensely powerful system takes full advantage of the Internet to automate the tedious process of inviting Sub-Contractors and Vendors to tender, and in maintaining a healthy and compliant Vendor database.

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Software For The Medical / Nursing Agencies

This powerful and comprehensive software package helps to run and manage many aspects of your nursing agency business. Many tedious and time consuming aspects for day-to-day work have been enhanced with a high degree of push-button automation.

Features include, but are not limited to: nurse & carer records, client records, recruitment, interviews, references, bookings, nurse availability and allocation, timesheet, pay and client invoicing, performance review, incident recording, client feedback and performance reporting. Learn more about our software for nursing and medical agencies ...

Software For The Engineering Sector

Our excellent Job Costing and Timesheet Management Software has been re-written in the robust Microsoft ASP.NET platform, with the tried and tested Microsoft SQL Server database back-end. Because the application is hosted on our servers, we take care of backups and the licensing costs associated with using these high-end platforms. There's no expensive installation. The requirement to use our software is a copy of Internet Explorer 8.

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Software For The Retail Sector

There are many off-the-shelf for retailers. BaySoft can offer something different. Why? Because every retailer is different, and every retailer needs to distinguish themselves in their market place to win market share.

For this reason, BaySoft can write and tailor a retail package for your business which fits like a glove. We can leverage the power of the Internet to give you up-to-the minute trending on sales across all of your retail outlets, as well as trending product and sales performance.

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