Software For The Construction Industry

BaySoft have developed and deployed a number of software products for the construction sector. Our flagship product largely automates the process of vendor management. A clean and compliant vendor database is critical to the tendering process.

Use our e-Tendering module to easily invite vendors to tender for work-packages. Finally, the Key Performance Indicator module will assist you in gathering vendor performance data upon work-completion. This performance data is fed back into your vendor database, to give a rigorous level of quality control when future enquiries are sent.

Vendor Management & E-Tendering

Record-keeping demands on the construction industry are becoming increasingly onerous. The health & safety standards, environmental policies, insurances, training and compliance of vendors (suppliers and sub-contractors) must all be tracked carefully, in addition to their ongoing performance.

This can be very time consuming and tedious - burning up valuable man-hours and resources.

The BaySoft solution takes full advantage of the power of the Internet to largely automate this process.

Maintaining a Healthy and Current
Vendor Database

Once you have loaded a company name and email address for each vendor, the system can take over. The system will email each vendor (supplier and / or sub-contractor) and ask them to complete an on-line database questionnaire.

This questionnaire can be defined by you and tailored to your business and the data that is important to you. Of course, some sections of the questionnaire (such as insurance policies) are always applicable.

The vendor simply clicks a link in the email, and completes the details in the questionnaire. Provision is made for an upload of certificates and scans of insurance policy documents, ensuring the highest possible level of documentation.

The system will track the freshness of your vendor data, and automatically prompt you when a vendor's details are due for update.

Items such as Insurance Policies and certifications are tracked separately, allowing for update requests to be sent specifically for those items.

Download The Product Brochure

If you would like a more in-depth look at this product, then our brochure is a great place to start. Please click the link below to download it.

Download our product brochure.

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The powerful E-tendering module allows you to break your tenders and contracts down into works-packages, attach the relevant documents to each works-package and then invite your sub-contractors and suppliers to tender, by means of a mail-merge email.

When inviting vendors to tender, the system facilitates filtering options - such as regions of operation, trades, commercial capability, past KPI performance etc. This way, you only send the Invitations to Tender to the most relevant vendors.

Each vendor will click a link in the email to gain access to a list of documents they can download for their works-package. They won't have access to any other documents.

The vendor can then return a quotation in the form of a head figure, and a detailed quotation - uploaded as a file (PDF, EXCEL Spreadsheet etc.). This file and quotation will be stored in your database against the works-package for the vendor.

By e-tendering, all of waste in paper, CD production and printing is eliminated.

The system tracks who has responded with quotations and facilitates the chasing-up of those who have not.

E-tendering is kind to the environment, as the whole process can happen quickly, via the Internet, rather than by printing and postage. With the elimination of CD publication, printing and postage it is likely that you can reduce the carbon footprint of the administrative aspects of your business.

Tracking Performance

Each time an awarded vendor completes their designated works-package, the system will prompt the allocated member of staff to complete a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) assessment of that vendors performance.

Because your staff are busy, the system will track who has neglected to perform this important task, and chase them to complete it.

You define the performance indicators that are important to your business, and these can be set globally, differently for suppliers and sub-contractors, or specifically for a type of work (such as electrical). The choice is yours.

All KPI assessments are recorded to the database against each vendor. The information is then used to filter our poorly performing vendors when you next tender for a project, and send out enquiries.