Software For Letting Agents

We have a strong background in developing accountancy software, so we've built that expertise and experience into our letting agency software package.

The letting accounts module adds the power of a highly automated sales ledger to the excellent property marketing system base product. If you run a letting agency, you will love the time saving innovations as well as the power and simplicity of this system.

What's In The Box

Our letting agency accounts package is a complimentary product to our estate agency marketing system. It allows a letting agent to create tenancies, charge and collect rent, pay landlords and to levy commissions. Property maintenance and safety compliance features ensure that you have all your bases covered.

This is a featured-packed module, so we have chosen to only highlight the core functionality here.

You can read the full details of the product on the dedicated product website.

Create Tenancies

Create standard, managed or finders-fee only tenancies, either with fixed terms or as periodic. Collect your bond / deposit and raise tenancy setup fees to the tenant and / or landlord. Define a customer schedule of charges in addition to regular rent collection amounts.

The system will help your track the transfer of bonds into the tenancy deposit protection schemes, and their eventual repayment back to the tenant and / or landlord.

Raise Rent Demands & Other Charges

Use the rents and charges screen to raise rent demands and other charges to tenants and landlords. The system keeps track of who owes money and ensures that balances are updated to reflect this. Invoices to tenants and landlords are automatically created.

Collect Rent

Whenever you receive a payment from a tenant (or occasionally a landlord) simply record it using the "Post Collections" screen. Landlord and Tenant balances will be automatically adjusted. If you charge commission on rent collections then the system will take care of this for you. Cheques must be cleared through the cheque clearance routine before being included in payable balances - thus protecting you from bounced payments.

Pay Landlords

The "pay landlords" screen will advise you of how much to pay each landlord - and offers several methods of operation. Use the payment advice sheet to pay each landlord, and update the system to confirm that the payments have been made.

Print Invoices & Statements

Print tenant and landlord invoices and statements. Invoices can be re-printed at any time, and statements always show transactions up to the selected date. The headers and footers of invoices and statements can be customised to include your logo and business details.

Remain Compliant

You must stay on top of property inspections and certifications such as the GAS Safety certification. The software will allow you set up a schedule of inspections, meter readings and certifications, and ensure they're kept up-to-date.

The property inventory module (with photographic evidence) will assist with ensuring that tenants pay for the damage they do to a property, and don't pay for damage caused by others.

Benefits To You

If you're using a spreadsheet or an older package to run your letting agency, then we're certain that our package will greatly benefit your business.

  • Low cost of ownership - the software is rented, not purchased
  • Low setup costs
  • 15 minutes activation
  • No contract
  • Powerful and effective
  • Highly automated - reducing time costs and errors
  • Fully web-based - access and use anywhere
  • Mobile version available for on-the-move access to ledger data

If you'd like to know more about this product, please call us to discuss your requirements. Our promise: No Sales Pressure - we believe our product sells itself.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration then we would be happy to accommodate you at our offices or facilitate a down-the-wire demonstration by telephone.

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