CASE STUDY: Software For Nursing / Medical Agencies

Do you own or run a nursing agency? BaySoft are experienced at developing powerful software solutions for your sector.

We're sure it hasn't escaped your attention that certain aspects of your business are very labour intensive and burn many staff hours. Our solutions help to put a stop to much of this waste.

IMPORTANT: This is a CASE STUDY of a bespoke system which we developed for one of our clients. It is suited to large, well-established nursing agencies. It is not an off-the-shelf package that you can buy. If you would like a software package developed for your agency to suit your working practices or would like to discuss partnering opportunities then please call us on 01792 791115. We have over 20 years of experience at delivering large, robust and innovative software systems over a variety of industry sectors.

Comprehensive & Powerful

Our nursing agency software package is comprehensive and deep-reaching. It provides features to systemise many aspects of running a nursing agency, reducing your reliance on multiple packages and the resulting disparate data pools, which cause so many businesses problems. The software caters for Qualified Nurses and Carers, making it suitable for community, hospital and care-home staffing.

The system runs on a web-server, located on the network - and publishes to the outside world. This gives internal and external secure access to clients and nurses to access the appropriate functions and data of the software from anywhere. The software encompasses everything from recruitment, references and checks to training records, bookings, availability, timesheets, pay and performance monitoring.

The system is feature-packed, and we'll try to cover some of the core features here.

Nurse / Carer Records

The software supports a comprehensive nurse / carer record. The record tracks all contact details, training, qualifications, certifications and performance. The email address and mobile number of the nurse are used to automate communications with the nurse, greatly reducing the time you must spend on the telephone. Reporting ensures that you are always aware of data completeness, and our principle of "manage by exception" means that the system prompts you when data is missing of is becoming stale. You will also be alerted when training or certification is due for renewal.

The software allows you to capture a photograph of each carer / nurse, and track important checks that must be done with respect to residency and permissions to work in the UK.

Client Records

Client database records allow you to capture all of the detail you need about your customers. The software is configured so that each ward within a hospital should be set up as a separate client. This allows for rates of charges (and pay, if required) to be configured and negotiated on a ward-by-ward basis.

Any feedback on your performance or your nurse / carer performance given by a client is recorded against their record so that you can track customer satisfaction and improve your performance or service where it is weak.

Recruitment, Interviews & References

Recruiting nurses and carers is a time consuming task, and must be done properly to ensure that you can offer the best possible service to your clients. The software aids you with the whole process.

The candidate can fill in an on-line job application form. They specify the contact details of at least 3 references on this form.

The software then automatically emails the referees, asking them to complete an on-line reference for the candidate.

The software makes provision for booking an interview into the diary - and will send a text message to the candidate, which they can reply to, asking them to confirm the data.

Nurse Checks & Training

The software helps you to track each nurse and carer's status with respect to qualification, compliance and training. PIN numbers and certificate numbers are captured, and expiry dates are specified.

When training or certification is due to expire the software's "manage by exception" routines will inform you, so that you can ensure they are renewed. For your protection, and the protection of your clients, if certain items have expired or are missing, they will preclude the nurse or carer from being available to book against shifts.

Nurse Self Assessment / Performance Review

The software supports both self assessment and client feedback for nurses' and carers' performance. The software tracks when a nurse or carer last self-assessed, and sends an email inviting them to complete an on-line form.

All performance reviews are stored against the nurse for future reference.

Nurse Availability

Nurses and carers availability diaries are compiled by the minute, and on a day-by-day basis. However, a powerful "simplifying" overlay allows nurses to specify "morning", "afternoon" or "nights" for any given day - and to do this via a link embedded in an SMS text message.

The link opens the mobile phone web-browser, where availability can be "ticked" and submitted. Nurses can only be matched to bookings where a match is found for their availability.

Client Bookings & Nurse Matching

The client bookings module captures all client bookings. Both the client and the nurse must confirm bookings, and all cancellations are recorded. Nurses are matched to bookings based on their past allocations, availability and experience.

This module alone will save hours of staff time trying to track down the right nurse or carer for each shift.

Timesheets, Client Invoicing and Pay

One of the most powerful features of this software package is its ability to calculate nurse/carer pay and client charging in one operation. The highly flexible pay and charge schedule feature allows you to create different rates of pay and charge that operate between specific date ranges. This allows you to increase or lower your prices and set different rates for weekends and bank holidays. Shifts spanning different rate bands are accurately calculated to the minute.

Pay data can be exported for import into Sage Payroll. The Sage payroll data can then be imported back into the software so that a payslip detailing the hours worked that make it up. The system then emails payslips to your nurses.

Client Feedback

One of your most powerful marketing tools is when your clients are saying good things about you, and good things about the nurses and carers that you are supplying them with.

This module will automatically prompt clients to give feedback on you, your nurses and your carers - so that each nurse and carer is assessed by each client that uses them at least once a month. In addition to providing your with great marketing material (which you can back up with hard figures) it also assists you with identifying your weaknesses, and where staff may require additional training or support.

Incident Reporting

From time to time things go wrong. The majority of issues can be resolved with training or internal disciplinary action - but occasionally incidents must be referred to external bodies. The software allows you to record each incident and to thoroughly document it and the actions you have taken.

Key Benefits To You

We understand that any software purchase must deliver a return on investment. We firmly believe that our software will save you time and money, and perhaps even reduce your staffing levels.

All your data in one place

If your current filing system (or existing IT systems) mean that your data is various pools around the office, and it's difficult to keep track of things or find what you're looking for - then a BaySoft software system will solve many of your problems. The system keeps all your data in one place, allowing you to find what you need in seconds.

Save time & money

The software is designed with time saving in mind. Tedious repetitive tasks, and time consuming manual tasks (such as calling nurses to confirm bookings) have been replaced with powerful, innovative routines which allow you to push a button and simply sit back and wait for the results to come back in.

Quality assurance and compliance

Our software will aid you with your record keeping - enabling you to pass your quality audits and inspections with flying colours. Healthcare must be delivered to a high standard, and our software will allow you to prove that you take training and quality and performance monitoring seriously.

Kind to the environment

Our software will help to move your company in the direction of the paperless office, by moving much of your record-keeping into the database. This is kind to the environment, reducing paper and toner usage as well as storage costs.

Pricing & Support

Please call us to discuss development costs and support. We would like to take the time to meet you, understand your business and show you examples of our products. If a BaySoft solution is desirable to your business then we can discuss costing options for, development, customisation, installation and support. We're confident that your return on investment would not be disappointing.

If you'd like to know more about this product, please call us to discuss your requirements. Our promise: No Sales Pressure - we believe our product sells itself.

For reasons of proprietary we cannot demonstrate this software, but we would be delighted to discuss what a BaySoft solution could do for your business.

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