Our ASP Estate Agency Software

Upon releasing this system in July 2006 we knew it was going to become one of the best systems available.

We'd previously written systems for residential sales and commercial property management clients, and accounting systems for lettings and ground rent owners. We thought it would be good idea to roll up some of those ideas into one complete system, add an overseas property module and an Intranet, and then finish up with the most flexible and versatile system on the market.

What's In It?

Marketing Module

Allows for creation and management of following records:

  • Residential Sales Properties
  • Letting Properties
  • Commercial Property, Land & New Homes
  • Overseas Properties
  • Auction Properties

Other Modules

  • Lettings Ledgers (Double-entry accounts system)
  • Group Intranet Module (Provides group communication features to all connected branches)

Lettings Accounts Module

Just when it didn't seem possible for our product to become any more feature-packed, we added a 'Lettings Ledgers' system to facilitate full double entry accounting into the system. This module is quite simply ingenious as we worked very hard to make it easy for the user to operate it without the need for specialist accounting skills.

Our Intranet Module is a brilliant tool that no other estate agency software companies offer. It serves as a great communication link between estate agents with multiple branches.

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Why is our system better than the competition?...

Because it is the most versatile, easiest to use, feature packed, and lowest priced per-user system available in the UK.

It's been designed well resulting in a no-nonsense simplistic handling of data entry.

It's also the most versatile system available as it manages residential, commercial, land and new homes, auctions, letting and overseas records all in one system.

This is not a 'one screen must cover all record types' fudge solution as offered by other companies. There are 5 distinctly different screens available to manage these differing property record types.

We can set your system up in a permutation of ways too making it even more versatile. Setting sub branches up as ‘shop fronts’ enables central management and sharing of data between all branches.

You could split up your data feeds to your websites too if you had separate trading names for your Lettings or Overseas Property Departments for example, thus enabling feeds to multiple business front-ends from one set of database input.

It costs less. With prices starting from just £30 per month, per branch it simply blows competing systems away.

We can normally set you up with a working system within half an hour of receiving your order, the software will take approximately 60 seconds to install on each users PC and we can deliver a working website to you within 48 hours.

Our system is backed up by a full suite of management tools which we have developed especially for the purpose of providing our customers with the best and most efficient support system you can get.


The Sales & Marketing Module contains everything you need to market & sell your properties. It includes access to all four property record types: (Residential Sales, Lettings, Commercial and Overseas). It also includes access to the inventory and maintenance features of the letting property records.

It also gives you access to our feature-packed full suite of productivity tools.

We check regularly to ensure that we offer better value for money than comparable suppliers, such as DezRez, Expert Agent, Encore Live, Let MC and Domus.

The Letting Ledgers module contains all of the features and tools that you need for accounts management on your letting properties.

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