Bespoke Software Development

It is often the case that there is simply no product that can be purchased off-the-shelf to satisfy the needs and requirements of your business. Sometimes your working practices and ideas need to be embodied into computer code to give your business a competitive advantage.

Although bespoke software development is often thought to be an expensive option - it can deliver very good returns in the long. and often short, term. The advantages of being in full control of your own product which will become the backbone of your business are not to be understated.

The Process

Software development has a life-cycle: a Start, a Finish and the stages in-between. Each stage is very important, and must be done well to achieve the best possible results. There is a good reason why multi-million pound government IT projects keep being scrapped - because the analysis and design process was wrong.

We believe that the secret to successful systems development is to combine the power of in-depth business analysis with systems analysis and design and then to apply an excellent standard of coding to the project.

The software development process can be broken down into 3 Groups containing particular stages or work modules. The process can be stopped after any stage and each stage is separately chargeable.

Group 1 - Consultation


When you approach BaySoft for a bespoke system, the first thing we do is investigate and try to understand your business. Once we understand your business and the processes employed in running it we can look at your manual, paper based or existing IT systems and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and suggest methods to improve them.

We listen carefully to your requirements - and your reasons for wanting to utilise them. These are assessed in the context of what we have learned about your business.

Feasibility Study

It could be that a Bespoke system may not be the answer. This can be for a variety of reasons:

  • Benefits don't outweigh the costs
  • Technically impractical or impossible
  • Existing systems are adequate with some adjustments
  • Software system simply isn't required to achieve your goals

We won't sell you a system you don't need.

Scope Of Requirements

Once we've agreed that a bespoke software system is the best fit for your business, we will agree a scope of requirements with you.

We don't design the system at this stage - but we carefully agree on paper everything that it needs to do, as well as discussing any detail or the process that could affect the system design process. The blueprints / architect's drawings of your system will be created from this scope of requirements.

Group 2 - Design

System Design

At this stage we create the blueprints for your system. This is comparable to an architect creating drawings / blueprints for building a property. A software engineer will work from these designs to deliver the final software product.

Similarly to building a house, should the drawings be changed after the build has started, then there will be cost penalties and time delays. Some of the desired changes may not even be possible at this later stage, this is why it is critical that the blueprints of the software are correct and accurate before any programming begins. It is also difficult for a software designer to design these plans if the scope of requirements is lacking in detail or accuracy or the project scope keeps moving.

It is possible to arrive at a development cost from the blue-prints. And you are under no obligation at this stage to use BaySoft for the actual programming work. The blueprints can be taken by any software company and turned into a working system. This is why this stage of the process is a separately chargeable item - just as the architect's fees would be in a house build.

Group 3 - Deliver & Support

Development / Coding

You will be asked to sign the blueprints and pay a deposit before any development work begins. You will be liable for any costs arising from changes to this blueprint after development work begins.

Finally, a software engineer will take the software blueprints and create your software. This will be delivered to you as a "compiled" working project.

Your delivered product will be made up of proprietary code, shared code libraries, and third party compiled code libraries. These libraries help to keep the cost to you down - as writing every line of code from scratch would be very, very expensive.

All source code and libraries remain the property of BaySoft or their respective owners.


Your software will be tested thoroughly before deployment and you will be invited to test it in a "Sandbox" test environment before it goes "live".


Installation will take place in a well-planned and timely fashion. We will even do this work on weekends or evenings to avoid disruption to your business.

Training & Support

Training and / or instruction manuals / built in help will be agreed and arranged with you to ensure that your staff quickly settle down to working with your new software.

We will agree a gratis support period with your installation which will entitle you to free bug fixes and support for a nominated number of days. After that you will be required to purchase support either by the hour or on a monthly contract basis.

Ongoing Development

You will have opportunity to add to your software and enhance it. Every enhancement, large or small, is subjected to this whole process. Of course, small enhancements can be dealt with very quickly and inexpensively - but that doesn't mean that we don't give them the diligence and attention that they deserve at the planning and design stages.

Getting Started ...

Note: All initial consultation is FREE.

We would not usually consider writing a bespoke system for a base price of less than £3,000 (our consultancy is charged at an hourly rate, so is unaffected by this).

You may decide to outsource your software development abroad - but be warned: your own product may well appear on the market in competition with you! We don't usually consider joint ventures or profit shares.

Document your business processes / ideas

Begin by clearly and concisely documenting your existing business processes and any existing systems that facilitate them.

Next clearly describe what you would like to achieve by purchasing a bespoke software system. Describe WHAT the system should do - and WHY. Try to be detailed, but concise.

Invite us to look at these documents

We will read your documents carefully, and then arrange a telephone call to discuss their contents with you. This will likely be followed up by a meeting or site visit so that we can begin the process of clearly understanding your business and how it works.

Privacy and IPR is important to you and to us. We are more than happy to sign any Non Disclosure Agreements, as necessary.

Next steps

The process will move forwards (as described to left) from here. We will not commence any chargeable work until we have discussed and agreed this with you. In most cases we would request a deposit before commencing such work.

Call us to discuss your requirements. Our promise: you will speak with a technically knowledgeable software design engineer - and not a sales person.

If you would prefer to arrange a face-to-face meeting then we would be happy to accommodate you at our offices or facilitate a skype video-call.

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