Website & Email Hosting

Good quality web hosting is fundamental to everything we do at BaySoft. The majority of our systems are web-based, and require a robust and stable hosting platform.

We offer a range of email and web hosting solutions, and we will also work in the capacity of consultants if you're struggling to make the right choices.

Web Hosting

We use a variety of platforms for web hosting and reserve our dedicated servers for hosting our own systems and the associated websites of our clients.

Hosting is widely available from numerous providers. We typically only offer hosting solutions to those who are our existing clients, because a robust and stable hosting platform is foundational to a smooth running software solution.

We offer a number of hosting solutions, and can help you to choose the one most appropriate to your budget and requirements.

Windows 2008 & Linux Hosting

  • FTP access
  • Sub domains
  • ASP (Windows) - including ASP.NET
  • PHP 5.4 & 5.2
  • Python (Linux)
  • Perl (Linux)
  • Online file manager
  • Custom error pages
  • phpMyAdmin
  • MySQL databases
  • SQL Server databases
  • SSH Access (Linux)
  • Free test domains
  • Raw log file access

Cloud Hosting

We recommend the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Amazon also offer a well-established Cloud solution, if you would prefer to use someone other than Microsoft.

Visit for more details on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

Visit for more details on the Amazon Cloud platform.

Domain Registration & Management

Registering your domain name with a top-notch registrar is important. Reliable Domain Name Servers and full control over DNS records is crucial to correctly configuring your on-line services. For this reason we recommend that you register your domain names at

  • Advanced DNS tools
  • (A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV and SPF records)
  • Domain name protection

Email Hosting

Depending on the size of your organisation, and your mail-box space requirements, we have a variety of solutions available for email hosting. These are outlined below.

Email hosting is widely available from many different service providers. We typically only offer email hosting as complimentary product to those who are our existing clients. We appreciate that it is convenient to source all of your I.T. services from one place, and to have a single point of contact in the event of technical problems.

Mailbox Options

Included mailbox features STARTER PLUS EX 2013
Mailbox Size 100MB 1GB 25GB or 50GB
Max Message Size (Incoming) 10MB 15MB 50MB
Max Message Size (Outgoing) 10MB 15MB 50MB
Inbox Rules tick tick tick
Outlook Web App
Outlook 2013 - -
ActiveSync Mobile Email - -
POP Access
IMAP Access
Roaming SMTP -
Outlook Anywhere - -
Delegate Access - -
Mailbox Features
Virus & Spam Protection -
Junk Mail
Mailbox Rules -
Recover Deleted Items -
Address Lists
Calendars -
Tasks -
Shared Contacts - -
Theme Selection
Mailbox Control Panels -
Web-based Control Panel

Google Apps Email

Google Apps is an excellent enterprise level email solution (amongst other things). As with any email solution, there is a monthly (or annual) charge per user. These services are purchasable directly from Google. BaySoft can help you setup and configure Google Apps to work with your domain for a technical consultancy fee.

Read more about Google Apps.