Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO, is a real minefield for any business. The amount of misleading information or disinformation about this topic is shocking. This is further compounded by the number of companies who simply do not deliver on their promises they make with respect to SEO - despite taking your money.

Our many years of experience in SEO allow us to guide you, and inform you of the facts.

The Hard Facts

  1. SEO Takes Time - Don't expect to see ANY results for at least SIX months. If they come sooner - then that's a bonus.
  2. SEO is expensive. Be prepared to spend between £200 and £500 PER KEYWORD, PER MONTH to climb the results, and between £100 and £250 PER KEYWORD, PER MONTH to stay at your desired position.
  3. SEO needs GOOD QUALITY CONTENT. If you are not prepared to write good quality, unique content for your website - and put in at least 1 hour a day, then you will never succeed.
  4. Every keyword needs specific attention. Every keyword that you want to rank for needs specific attention.
  5. SEO is very, very complicated. Google (for example) looks at HUNDREDS of factors when deciding which sites to rank on its top pages.
  6. SEO is mainly about links, and you need to be very fussy about where they come from, in what quantities and what they say.
  7. Search engines are becoming very sophisticated about spotting unethical / unnatural practices and punishing websites for having them. So be very careful who you ask to do your SEO!
  8. HARD MANUAL LABOUR is required to do link building work properly.

    There are two ways to build links.
    1) the automated spammy way - which creates numerous links from websites with no relation to the topic of your website. These are often created using software - and are likely to do your website more harm than good!

    2) To manually contact other website owners, in sectors parallel to yours and beg them for a link. This is a time-consuming and often demoralising process. There is a 3rd way - which is to BUY links - but this is a dangerous and bad practice which is sure to end in tears in the long term.

What BaySoft Can Offer

We've had good and bad experiences with SEO companies over the years - and we've learned the hard way what works and what does not.

To further complicate matters, what Google say they will reward websites for, and what they actually reward websites for are often two different things. Recent aggressive updates to their search technology is actually closing the gap between best practice and what delivers high rankings, resulting in many websites who were doing well to be pushed down the results. To put it another way: what has worked well in the past, will likely become your undoing in the future.

In-depth Analysis

In-depth analysis is the key to understanding what is wrong with your website, compared to the other websites who are ranking well for your target keyword(s). We can discover which links are hurting your website, which you have too many of and which you have too few of. We can look in-depth at how your website appears to the search engines compared to your competitors. We can do this because we have access to some of the most powerful analysis tools available.

Bad link removal

It is just as important to remove (or as a last resort, disavow) bad links to your website - as it is to build good ones. Unless your website is new, it undoubtedly has bad links.

Safe link building

There is little point building thousands of spammy links to your website - links must be built in a careful and methodical way to avoid Google penalties, and to actually deliver results. The proportion of one kind of link to another is critical, as well as the velocity at which they are built.

It is very tempting to find "quick fix" SEO packages - with big promises and small price tags - but signing up for most of these is simply signing the Google death warrant for your website.

What does it cost?

Be very suspicious of fixed-priced SEO deals. If you have a website requiring SEO, then we look at each case individually, and if we feel that we can help you - we'll take it from there. Conversely, if we don't think we can be of assistance to you - then we'll be honest and say so.


No one can guarantee search engine positions. If you want guaranteed positions, then pay Google for an AdWords campaign. Steer well clear of anyone offering an iron-clad guarantee. In our view they are far less likely to deliver actual results than a company who reviews the situation month by month, and adjusts your campaign accordingly.